We're an award winning video production company in Phoenix, Arizona, and customer service is our top priority.
Creativity, timeliness and budgetary considerations are all tailored to ensure success on your project.

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Video Production Phoenix - The Baerclaw Approach

Since we opened our doors in 1997, the Baerclaw Productions approach to video production in Arizona has never changed. We are committed to creating an amazing video that fits your budget and your goals. From our initial meeting to the day that we finish your video, total customer support and complete satisfaction is what we deliver. Most video production companies in Phoenix will offer a limited number of changes before they start charging you by the hour. You'll never have to worry about that with Baerclaw Productions. We're not done until you say that we are!

Arizona Productions - Experience Matters

While the vast majority of our Arizona productions are corporate and web videos, we also have extensive experience doing commercials, TV shows, new product launch videos and documentaries. This extensive array of different types of video projects allows us to draw upon our vast experience to handle any type of project with the confidence and experience needed to produce the highest quality and most effective video for you. Experienced personnel in all departments have been merged into a dynamic team with the best equipment to ensure that your video and message are on target.

Video Production Companies Phoenix - Collaboration Counts

When you work with the Baerclaw Productions team, you can rest assured that our seasoned professionals in every department are committed to making your Phoenix video production experience all that it can be. We have some clients who just want us to show up, do our job and produce an amazing video for them. Other clients want to be involved in every step of the process from the very beginning to the final edit. We'll collaborate with you at any level that you are comfortable with and at the end of the process, we know you'll consider Baerclaw Productions your resource for ALL things video!

Video Production Samples:

ARIZONA CORPORATE VIDEO PRODUCTION: Baerclaw Productions, a Phoenix production company, specializes in corporate videos. From creating a video to share internally with your staff or broadcast to new and existing clients, we have the know how to craft your message and share it with your target audience.

WEB VIDEO PRODUCTION: Whether it's YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, Vine, SnapChat, the latest social media tool or your own website, creating web videos requires extensive knowledge and experience to create the best experience for your audience and Baerclaw Productions is a team to make it happen for you.

TRAINING VIDEO PRODUCTION: Training videos is a very broad term and can include training your own staff, new hires and new customers by showing them how to use your product. This is a great vehicle to showcase your knowledge and experience to prove that you a leader in your field. Baerclaw Productions, a Phoenix video production company, has the experience needed to produce your training video.

NONPROFIT VIDEO PRODUCTION: A nonprofit video can be used for many purposes from raising awareness to fund raising and as a tool to get more volunteers and support from the community in your area and around the world. Baerclaw Productions, a leading Phoenix production company has a wealth of knowledge and experience producing these videos and we can do it for your organization.

PRODUCT LAUNCH VIDEOS: So now that you have come up with a great idea, how do you let the world know? Video is the most powerful tool on the planet and we can help you explain why your new product will change the world and make people's lives easier and more productive. From the basic and straight forward to the most advanced healthcare solutions, Baerclaw Productions can help you tell your story.

COMMERCIALS & PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENTS (PSA'S): From for profit to nonprofits, the power of television has long been a staple of raising awareness and generating sales and interest. Ranging in length from 15 t0 60 seconds, Baerclaw Productions, a Phoenix production company, has produced hundreds of commercials and public service announcements and we can help share your story with the world.

TELEVISION PROGRAMMING: Whether on broadcast TV, a YouTube channel or an outlet like Netflix, creating half hour or hour long television programs is quite an undertaking and Baerclaw Productions, a Phoenix video production company, has been doing it for years. We've produced TV shows that have aired for a full year, infomercials that aired in specific markets and documentaries that aired across the country. This Scottsdale video production was for a local car dealership, but we've also produced television shows about real estate, health related topics and travel topics.

GREEN SCREEN VIDEO PRODUCTION AND ANIMATION: Green screen videos are a great way to showcase what you do while limiting the video production costs. While utilizing technology like what the television stations use during a weather report, we can change the background, add graphics, your logo and a call to action. Animation is simply a way to show the viewer something that they can't see with their naked eye. We've created animations to show what happens inside of a DVD player, a laser brain surgery device and a UV light sterilizer.