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What does ‘Your Resource For ALL Things Video’ really mean?

Baerclaw Productions, a full service video production company
Baerclaw Productions, a full service video production company

I recently got an email from one of our clients who wanted to produce some short quick corporate videos in house that they could share with their team both locally and regionally but they didn’t have a budget to bring the Baerclaw Productions team in to do the work. They were thinking about using a smart phone, tablet or perhaps a GoPro to create short, quick videos of their new CEO interacting with the team and being a part of their community outreach. Our client explained what she needed and asked if I had a moment, would it be possible to share some of the knowledge that we have based upon our almost 20 years in the video production business.

The answer was… OF COURSE! We have always thought of ourselves and offered to one and all that we are your resource for all things video!

After a brief conversation to further understand what they wanted to do and what equipment they had in house, I spent about 20 minutes with our client explaining what we would recommend they do, how to use the equipment that they had in house and how to use basic, free editing software to create the videos that they needed. We talked about how to shoot the video, how to keep the camera steady, how to make sure that they were taking advantage of existing light and how to deal with audio in multiple environments.

I then spent about an hour scouring the internet for relevant videos for as our client described them, I Phone video for dummies, that further reinforced what we had already talked about so that she had additional information that she could share with her team to ensure that no matter who was working on the project, they were all working with the same knowledge. One of her biggest concerns was that if she did a Google search, she might end up getting into information that was too technical and perhaps more confusing for her and her team.

While her company is a great, long term client, we are happy to share our knowledge and expertise with anyone because we firmly believe that if we can help people understand and utilize the power of video, everyone wins!

If you have any questions about video, why don’t you give us a call at Baerclaw Productions and let us help you!

Baerclaw Productions is a full-service video production company located in Phoenix, Arizona. Since we opened our doors in 1997, we have produced every type of video that you can imagine. The only thing that we don’t do is weddings. If you need a corporate video, web video, training video, promotional video, sales video, nonprofit video, commercial or public service announcement, we are here to help!

Video production in Phoenix – no problems, just opportunities!

Baerclaw Productions is Your Resource For ALL Things Video!

No problems just opportunities - no ropes

One of the great things about living in Arizona is the unbelievable natural beauty that makes our state so special. As the owner of a video production company, what that means to us is that when we are shooting a video, we often have trouble picking out the best backdrop for our shoot with so many options presenting themselves. Anybody with a camera can interview someone in an office or in a conference room, but finding the perfect shot and making sure it remains the perfect shot can often take a little creativity and led to us coining a phrase that we use all the time.

There are NO problems… just opportunities!

What that means to us is that when a client puts their trust (and budget) into our work, we will never talk about problems even if they arise (and they do more often than we’d like to admit), but rather we look at whatever the issue is as an opportunity to prove to our clients that they made the right choice.

Here’s an example of what I’m talking about. We were hired to do a video production in Phoenix for a nonprofit organization that included a number of interviews with people involved and supporting the nonprofit. For one of the interviews, we decided to take advantage of a great backdrop that included the Phoenix skyline looking out of our interviewee’s office and it looked great. Our crew did an awesome job lighting it and the client loved the shot. We were all set to start the interview and that’s when it happened.

No problems just opportunities - two ropes

Two ropes from the high rise window washing crew ended up in our shot. The easy thing would have been to simply move the person that we were interviewing to a different location or tighten up the shot, but we would have lost the skyline.

Not a problem… an opportunity!

There was a fair amount of wind blowing outside and the ropes were moving around and after a quick huddle with our team and our client, we came up with a solution that we knew would work. Our client wasn’t so sure and was having a problem visualizing what we were going to do but in the end, deferred to us as the video production experts.

We went ahead with the interview and talked for about 15 or 20 minutes, all through the interview, everyone except for the person being interviewed, could clearly see the ropes blowing and moving in and out of the shot… but it didn’t matter. When we completed the interview, we left everything as it was and rolled off about two or three minutes of video, enough to find a couple of 20 to 30 second pieces where the ropes weren’t in the shot.

We were all done, packed up our gear and headed back to start the post production and take advantage of the opportunity that we were given!

Once the script was written and we began editing our clients’ video – anywhere that that interview showed up, we used a very basic editing tool to eliminate the ropes from the shot. We took our interview and then on top of that we put the extra video that we shot after the interview and used picture in picture to basically crop out the ropes and leave the skyline in. The client loved it and we knew we had taken advantage of the opportunity that the window washers had created for us.

No problems… just opportunities! That’s how we look at issues and it’s just another reason why we say Baerclaw Productions is Your Resource For ALL Things Video!

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Use video to add more bang (and life) to your free seminar!

Baerclaw Productions specializes in extending the life of free seminars!

BAI seminar
BAI seminar

Baerclaw Productions, your Resource For ALL Things Video, has a great way to extend the life of the free seminars that you put on to showcase what you do and how you can help people. Depending on what you do, it’s also a great way to find warm leads that you can pursue to bring more business in the door.

What if you could parlay that single seminar into a tool to showcase your expertise and help people well after your seminar ends?

Those are two of the reasons that a local foundation here in Phoenix chose Baerclaw Productions to create a video of the information that they provide during their monthly seminars and make it available to one and all by posting the video on their website and their YouTube channel.

By creating a video of their seminar, we are basically creating a training video to extend the life of the message and reinforce the fact that they are a go to source for critical information.

The seminars that they put on cover a wide array of information dealing with a medical issue that can change over time. The benefits of creating a video of the seminar include:

  1. They cover a lot of ground in a 90 minute to two-hour seminar and it’s a lot of information to comprehend and remember. By having a video of the entire event available for review, attendees can go back and view the full video after the seminar in case there are things that they missed or topics that may not have been front of mind at the time.
  2. As the disease that they focus on changes over time, there are different issues that arise and while the attendees made need one piece of information now, in two weeks or two months, they made be at a different stage and need different information. To make the information readily available, we also break up the full video into shorter segments that cover individual topics so that as their needs change, they can focus in on the information that they specifically need at that time.
  3. Our client knows that no matter how often they offer the seminar, it may not be possible for people to attend. In addition, family members in other parts of the country may want to get the information that is shared during the seminar but can’t travel to Phoenix to attend. By providing the videos online, the information is now available anytime from any place with an internet connection.
  4. A big part of any seminar is interaction with those in attendance to address any questions that may come up. To ensure that this information is covered in the online videos, our client provides answers to some of the general questions that they receive at each seminar and encourage the viewers of the online videos to reach out with their questions and someone will contact them directly to answer any questions that they may have and provide additional support services.

If you think this type of video production project might benefit your company or organization, please contact us and let Baerclaw Productions prove to you why we are ‘Your Resource For ALL Things video!’.