A training video that’s FUN to watch!

Happy 20th Anniversary Baerclaw Productions – Part 4

As part of Baerclaw Productions 20th Anniversary Celebration, we are re-releasing some of the early videos that we produced and sharing a few of our memories from those videos.

A training video that’s FUN to watch! Have you ever heard of such a thing? Now you have and we made it happen in the late 90’s. The Baerclaw Productions team was contracted by St. Joseph’s Hospital in Phoenix, Arizona, to come up with a way to produce a training video that shared critical information that had to be known across the hospital for an upcoming accreditation process. With the help and direction of our client, we came up with a take-off of Jeopardy using doctors, nurses, administrators and hospital staff. We used multiples cameras, make up people and our AVID editing system to shoot the video in the basement of the hospital. There was no set, just a wide-open space that we had to set-up, light and come up with creative ways to make it look like it was a spacious studio with a place for the three contestants to stand side by side. The on-location shooting was easy, but we were also tasked with creating the graphics for a board with all of the questions, tallying up the score after each question and adding in sound effects.

One of the bigger challenges that we had was how to give each of the three contestants a clicker that they could use before answering a question. Since we didn’t have the budget to do it all live, we ended up using candles, wrapped in electrical tape with a cord coming out of one end that in each contestants’ hands looked very realistic. Since the entire project was scripted, we knew who was going to answer each question and then we added in the sound effects in post-production. Another fun part of this was the opportunity to use Jeff Munn, then the public-address announcer for the Phoenix Suns, as our studio announcer.

If you’d like to see a training video that’s fun to watch, click here.

This was a great project to work on and it was very successful. The feedback from across the hospital was positive and the accreditation was achieved.

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