As a nonprofit, get your crowd ready for paddle time!

Baerclaw Productions

When it comes to fundraising, you know it’s critical to explain your value proposition to your existing and potential donors whether they are looking at your website or attending one of your events looking for a reason to make your mission their mission.

A professionally produced video is a great way to tell your story and Baerclaw Productions is honored to have been selected by Verde Valley Caregivers Coalition for the last three years to create their identity piece which was shown at their annual Gala right before paddle time and this year’s event was another huge success!

Baerclaw Productions

This year’s video combined their staff, Executive Director, volunteers and clients, who they call neighbors, talking about what it means to them be involved with this amazing organization.

We also gathered a number of testimonials that were used for social media promotion of their Gala and can be used in the future to promote their organization and future events.

If you’d like to know more about VVCC, please take a few minutes and visit their website at and learn about their commitment to making sure that no senior is left isolated.

If your nonprofit is looking for an experienced video production partner who understands what it takes to show your organization and mission are worth supporting, the Baerclaw Productions team is here to help. Let us be Your Resource For ALL Things Video! Visit our website at or give us a call at 602-789-8396.