Baerclaw Productions takes the production show on the road!

Arizona is home to so many beautiful places and while we can make any location look amazing thanks to our 25+ years of video production experience, when Sedona is the backdrop for one of our shoots, our job is so much easier!

Our team spent a day in Sedona doing a series of interviews and gathering broll for Verde Valley Caregivers Coalition, a great non-profit that helps seniors live in their community of choice for as long as possible.

We’re in editing creating a series of videos for use at their annual fundraising and awareness Gala while also providing lots of social media clips and short videos to better explain their mission, the people that they serve and what makes them one of the state’s best non-profits.

Stay tuned for those videos, but in the interim, here are some pictures of our team in action, hard at work in Sedona and the surrounding areas!