Baerclaw Productions Video blog series – Creating the perfect video campaign. Part 3: Let the video campaign collaboration begin.

Baerclaw Productions
Baerclaw Productions

In part one of this video blog series, we talked about understanding why you are planning to produce a video and after finding a video production partner that you can connect with, it’s time to circle back around to the why.

Your why is the foundation for the creative part of the video production process.

At Baerclaw Productions, if we’re starting from scratch, we like to ask our customers to do one of two things when creating a video campaign. We ask for either a stream of consciousness explaining what the company does, their history, their products or services and what makes them unique or we ask for a bullet point list with short explanations for each point.

Now that may seem odd since I’d like to think that every production company will have viewed every page of a company’s website before going into a meeting… but we both know that doesn’t always happen.

Plus, we want to hear the words and phrases that you use when explaining your company and what you do because there must be continuity between all of your marketing messages.

Oh, and there’s one more thing that I’d suggest. Be open to ideas, suggestions and recommendations from your video production partner – you know your business and they know there’s… so be willing to listen. Incorporate the ones that you like, discard the rest but be informed.

If you’d like to hear our thoughts about your video campaign… call us today – Baerclaw Productions, YOUR RESOURCE FOR ALL THINGS VIDEO!

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