Baerclaw Productions Video blog series – Creating the perfect video campaign. Part 4: The video campaign million-dollar question – what’s your budget?

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Baerclaw Productions

The first three parts of this video campaign blog series are intended to lay the ground work for the work that’s about to begin… but there’s one more thing that has to happen and that’s the million-dollar question… what’s your budget.

You may not know what your video should cost, you may not want to tell your video production partner what your budget is or you may just want to wait and see what kind of quotes you get back.

If you’re comfortable with your production partner, I’d suggest that you at least give them a range so that they can tell you what can be done based upon your budget.

Since we opened our doors in 1997, we’ve only had two clients who have told us their budget at the beginning… one of them we referred out to another production company because they had 500 bucks to spend on a promotional video and we can’t do that.

The other gave us a number and I asked how many videos they were expecting for that. Their response was one.

They didn’t believe the quote that I gave them but they sure loved the videos that we produced for them.

Yes, it was videos… we did five videos for their original budget and in the end, we produced probably 25 videos for them over several years.

Proceed however you feel comfortable but be prepared, the ‘what’s your budget’ question will come up and that’s the last step before the serious work begins.

If you’re ready to get serious, call us today and let Baerclaw Productions be YOUR RESOURCE FOR ALL THINGS VIDEO!

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