DURA PULL – A professional grade product and a professional grade video!

Adamar Industries spent years designing, refining and perfecting an all-in-one, American made post puller that can pull up a post in as little as a second and requires only a single worker to do it! This is game changing stuff for companies that need to remove a lot of posts quickly, safely and cost-effectively.

Their challenge was to show how it works in a quick, concise way that goes beyond still photos and bullet points because to see it in action makes it so much easier to understand how it will benefit your workers and your bottom line – that’s where Baerclaw Productions comes in.

After a deep dive strategy and fact-finding session to help our team understand the benefits of the DURA PULL, we started the pre-production planning to come up with the best ways to showcase a tool that can pull T-posts, U-posts, security fence posts, tent stakes, round posts, square posts and more.

To do this, we settled on a plan utilizing multiple cameras and a drone to gather all of the video needed to showcase the product being used. After a half day of videotaping in the field, we headed back to the Baerclaw Production offices and began the post-production process.

We ended up creating multiple videos and versions for use on their website, social channels, trade shows and for direct outreach to potential customers. The design for the short version of the video utilized only a music bed so that it would work whether the viewer had the volume up or off on their device. The longer version included a testimonial for those situations where they knew people would be listening to the audio.

To view one of the short videos that we created for them, click HERE.

If you’d like to learn more about the array of products that Adamar Industries, has created, please visit their website.

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