If you have videos on your website – ues the power of one of the most searched websites on the planet to share your video!

We’re talking about YouTube – if you don’t have a channel, you need to set one up today! Did you know that YouTube is the second most searched website on the planet behind only Google? It’s true and in case you were wondering, YouTube is owned by Google so taking advantage of that combined power can really promote your videos to new and existing clients. When you upload to YouTube, you also get a link that can be put into email and social media channels to deliver your video without worrying about firewalls. So if you’re company has a story to tell, you need a YouTube channel. They are easy to set up, they are free and with a little bit of work on your video, you can do some basic SEO work that will help ensure that your video shows up with someone is looking for your service or product. Got questions? Contact us at Baerclaw Productions at 602-789-8396 and we’ll walk you through the process and show you how to add some SEO power to your Video!