Is your desk always this clean?

John Alkema

Happy 20th Anniversary Baerclaw Productions – Part 2

As part of Baerclaw Productions 20th Anniversary Celebration, we are re-releasing some of the early videos that we produced and sharing a few of our memories from those videos.

Is your desk always this clean? That was my question to our first paying customer, a company called Accommodations By Apple. They were a corporate relocation company based here in Phoenix, Arizona that needed a video to share with potential clients around the country and the world. Their owner John Alkema understood the power of video and wanted to harness that to take his marketing efforts beyond a flyer or a tri-fold brochure. He wanted to show and explain to potential clients what his company did using video, testimonials and voice overs rather than just one dimensional text and pictures.

When we showed up at the Accommodations By Apply office to shoot that part of the video, I was stunned to see that there was absolutely nothing on his desk. He had a beautiful office, a huge desk with a glass top and there was nothing on it which led to my question – is your desk always this clean?

His response really put everyone at ease because he invited us around to his side of the desk and pointed out that everything that had been on his desk was now piled up, in stacks, underneath his desk. John told me that it took him days to get everything back the way that he wanted it and to be able to find what he needed in a timely manner.

Click here to watch the video, you can see him on camera starting at about one minute into the video.

The video was a huge success and John said it really brought his teams services to life which made their sales efforts much easier. If you or your company need an experienced video production company to bring your story to life – Baerclaw Productions is who you need to contact.

Experience, creativity, and professionalism have always been a big part of what makes Baerclaw Productions special and remains the foundation for our award-winning staff. Combine that with state of the art equipment and a commitment to the customer and it’s easy to see how we consistently meet or exceed our clients’ expectations.

Since 1997, Baerclaw Productions has been producing award winning videos for a wide array of clients ranging from small start-ups to Fortune 100 companies. Over the years, the Baerclaw Productions team has produced corporate videos, web videos, sales videos, training videos, testimonial videos, award videos, new product launch videos, television programming, infomercials, documentaries, green screen videos, nonprofit videos, commercials and PSA’s.

Whether you need a corporate video, web video, promotional video, sales video or training video, our team can take your vision and turn it into a video to tell your story!

If you have a need for video production to share your story with the world, let us be Your Resource For ALL Things Video! Give us a call at 602-789-8396 for a free consultation.