Baerclaw Productions gets cheesy in Wisconsin!

The Baerclaw Productions team recently coordinated a multi-day shoot in Wisconsin utilizing a seven-person local video production crew and after spending almost a week on the ground – I know who cut the cheese!

It’s the great people that work in various settings across multiple facilities… and they cut, shred, melt and ship a lot of cheese!

The goal was to create a new promotional video that took the entire video production team to two different sites where we had four cameras running including a pair of Sony FS7’s, one on a Ready Rig, and a 4k drone.

We even put a GoPro inside a popcorn tumbler to showcase the flavorings being added to the popcorn.

We did a number of interviews using two camera’s, one on a slider to give an amazing profile view, and so much broll of every station and room in both facilities!

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Since 1997, the Baerclaw Productions team has been producing award winning internal and customer facing videos and we can do the same for your organization. Our recent client list includes Shamrock Farms, Clutch Solutions, Mercy Care, Ford Motor Company Fund, Adamar Industries, AETNA/CVS, Verde Valley Caregivers Coalition, Partnership With Native Americans (PWNA), Kaboom Racks and the Match For A Cause supporting Elevate Phoenix.

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Baerclaw Productions reaches gold status with TriStar Gold!

When TriStar Gold, a Canadian minerals exploration company that advances mining projects from exploration to production with an emphasis on precious metals deposits in the Americas, needed to update their corporate video to reflect the very latest information about a 100% owned gold project in Brazil at Castelo de Sonhos, or Castle of Dreams in English, they turned to the team at Baerclaw Productions to produce their latest video.

Using a combination of an in-office video shoot, existing assets and zoom interviews with key players and investment analysts from around the world, the Baerclaw Productions team handled all facets of pre- and post-production services to create an updated corporate video to inform potential and existing investors of what was going on at the site – and there’s a lot going on!

Following a pre-feasibility study at Castelo de Sonhos, it’s estimated that there is more than 1.4 million of ounces in the ground at CDS!

TriStar Gold is moving towards construction while focusing on ESG and making sure that this project is a win-win for everyone from investors, employees, contractors and of course the residents of the area.

If you need help sharing your story with the world, give us a call at 602-789-8396 and let’s start the process of showing your customers and clients all the gold that you bring to the market!

Since 1997, the Baerclaw Productions team has been producing award winning internal and customer facing videos and we can do the same for your organization. Our recent client list includes Shamrock Farms, Clutch Solutions, Mercy Care, Ford Motor Company Fund, Adamar Industries, AETNA/CVS, Verde Valley Caregivers Coalition, Partnership With Native Americans (PWNA), Kaboom Racks and the Match For A Cause supporting Elevate Phoenix.

If you have any video production needs, let Baerclaw Productions be Your Resource For ALL Things Video!

Home office video to informational video – Check!

Just because most of us are working from home doesn’t mean that we can’t produce high quality videos to promote our businesses.

In previous posts, we’ve talked about lighting, sound and camera angles but today, we want to take it one step forward and show you what we mean by using a real world example that we created.

One of our clients, PWNA, Partnership With Native Americans, needed to create an informational video about the services that they offer and how the COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated the issues that Native Americans have been dealing with for years and how the work that PWNA is doing on a daily basis is making a huge difference.

The challenge was that the video needed to be created quickly, the CEO is not close to our Phoenix offices, and travel was not an option either for him or our crew due to the pandemic.

The solution was simple – using his laptop, Josh Arce, the President and CEO of PWNA, recorded his message and then sent us the video files.

The great thing is he didn’t have to do it in one take, he could look and listen to different takes and select the one that he liked best. We then used the takes that he liked best, existing video and pictures that we had in our AVID edit systems from previous projects and created an informational video that they are using in many places and ways to raise awareness and support.

The first picture was grabbed from the raw video that we received.

The second picture is what you’ll see in their video after the video was reformatted and color corrected.

Which picture would you rather use to promote your business, service or mission?

If you’d like to see the entire video, please click on this link –

If you’re ready to produce a video to promote what you do, please check out our previous blog posts and if you have questions or need some help, the Baerclaw Productions team is ready to help.

We’ve been in business since 1997 and we look forward to being ‘Your Resource For ALL Things Video!’.


Bosho, that’s greetings in Potawatami.

My name is Joshua Arce.

I’m a citizen of the Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation of Kansas and I’m President and CEO of Partnership With Native Americans.

PWNA is a Native-led, Native serving non-profit that has aided tribal communities since 1990.

Each year, we’re improving the lives of 250,000 Native Americans.

Our mission is providing immediate relief and long-term solutions to address disparities on impoverished and geographically isolated reservations.

Let me give you a few numbers to explain what the tribes are up against.

23 percent of Native families live with food insecurity, just not enough healthy food.

Only 13 hold a college degree, about half the rate of Caucasians.

Up to 61 percent of Native children live in poverty or low-income households.

When disaster strikes, outside help is slow to come and health care is a real challenge fueling higher rates of diabetes and other chronic illness.

So where do we start?

Well, honestly, it all starts with you.

Native Americans have the highest need in the U.S., yet less than one percent of charitable giving supports Native causes.

Year-round, PWNA is providing critical goods and services to the tribes.

We help with food boxes, fresh produce, and bottled water

K through 12 school supplies, scholarships, and mentoring.

Leadership training, emergency preparedness training, and emergency relief when disaster or a pandemic strikes.

Our top priorities now are emergency deliveries for Covid-19 relief and hunger.

So much work has been done, but there is more to do.

We hope you will join us in championing hope for a brighter future.

Iwgwien. Thank you.

Harrah’s Ak-Chin Casino & Resort COVID-19 Thank You

COVID-19 has changed all of our lives but for the employees at the Harrah’s Ak-Chin Casino and Resort, it was minimized by actions taken by the Community and Tribal Leaders. Baerclaw Productions was honored to produce this video as a way for many of the employees to say thank you for maintaining their pay and benefits while the Casino and Resort were shut down. When you need to produce a video, let us be Your Resource For ALL Things Video! We are Baerclaw Productions.


The numbers are staggering.

  • 29 percent of employed Native Americans live below poverty level.
  • 61 percent of Native children live in poverty or low-income households?
  • 23 percent of Native American families live with food insecurity.
  • There are 90 – thousand homeless Native Americans in the US… more than any other population…
  • Where there is housing, it’s estimated that 40 percent of that housing is incomplete or sub-standard.
  • 13% of Native Americans hold a college degree, approximately half the rate of Caucasian Americans.
  • Most people think that Indian gaming on our reservations is a game changer… providing automatic wealth and prosperity for every Native American… but the numbers show a different story.
  • About 25 percent of all tribes in the US conduct Indian gaming… but only 10-15 percent of the tribes actually prosper from it.

These are just some of the facts that we learned when working with Partnership With Native Americans (PWNA). They have been working tirelessly since 1990 developing and delivering a relevant mix of services to help their Native American partners addressing critical needs that contribute to self-sufficiency and help end the cycle of poverty.

To bring their story to life, they selected Baerclaw Productions to produce a series of videos, seven in all, to cover a wide range of topics to raise awareness of realities on the reservations and why it’s important to support Native causes.

Award winning actor Wes Studi is the host of all of these videos that were shot in Santa Fe, New Mexico and have been shown on television, the internet and used across multiple social media platforms. Baerclaw Productions handled all of the script writing, field production and post-production for these videos utilizing our experience and expertise gathered since we opened our doors in 1997.

You can view all of the videos by clicking on these links:

Reservation Treaties History – What Americans Need To Know –

Realities On The Reservations – By The Numbers –

Indian Casinos – Easy Money Or Not What You Think –

Education And Taxes – No Free Rides –

Foundations And Other Donors – There Is Hope In Native-Led Solutions –

Compilation Video –

PBS Video –

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Your Arizona nonprofit needs a video… what do you do now?

Unless you’ve worked with a video production company in the past, this can be a challenge.

You can do a search online, click on a few paid ads at the top of the SERPS’s, maybe even click on a few of the companies that rank organically. You could check out Facebook or LinkedIn, more ads and more organic results. You could dig deeper into the web and wade through more search results but is that the best way to go?

Wouldn’t it make more sense to talk with your peers and see who they’ve worked in the past to create their videos?

If you’re based here in Phoenix, chances are you’ll hear that name Baerclaw Productions when you start asking around. Why? Because we’ve worked with nonprofit organizations here in the Valley and around the state of Arizona for more than 20 years.

We could tell you about all of the award videos, ASK videos and awareness videos that we’ve done since we opened our doors in 1997, but that’s going to take up more of your valuable time.

Let us make it easy for you – click here to see our nonprofit video playlist.

You’ll see the latest nonprofit videos that Baerclaw Productions has produced and then you can reach out to the organization’s that we’ve worked with and talk with them.

They’ll tell you what you need to know about Baerclaw Productions.

  1. We understand the nonprofit world.
  2. We are easy to work with.
  3. We go above and beyond to make sure that our nonprofit partners get what they need – on time and on budget.

After you talk with your peers, give us a call at 602-789-8396 and let’s talk. There’s no obligation, you can tell us what you need, we’ll put together a plan and then we’ll give you a free quote so that we can get started on your nonprofit video production.

Baerclaw Productions… Let us be Your Resource For ALL Things Video!

Shamrock Farms and Rockin’ Refuel – Baerclaw Productions latest partner!

Baerclaw ProductionsSince 1922, Shamrock Farms has been an Arizona institution and they continue to give back to the communities they call home and they turned to Baerclaw Productions to help share an exciting new program.

Shamrock Farms has launched the Protein Push Up Challenge where they are going to donate one serving of milk to a local food bank for every push-up that people do at various events including a recent one outside of Sun Devil Stadium and Baerclaw Productions was on hand for all of the fun. In all, they will donate 25,000 servings of fresh milk to local food banks. With more than 10,000 cows busy at the dairy, our crew had fun with the fans documenting the push-ups in progress!

The Baerclaw Productions team handled all of the video production and post production services to create a short promotional video that was debuted on the big screen during the ASU – U of A football game.

Baerclaw ProductionsIf you’d like to see the video, click here. If you’d like to learn more about Baerclaw Productions, visit our website at and you can see more of our work by visiting our YouTube channel by clicking here.

Since 1997, Baerclaw Productions, a full-service video production company in Phoenix, has been producing award winning video productions in Phoenix and around the state of Arizona. We have worked with companies and organizations of all sizes from small start-ups, nonprofits, for profits all the way up to Fortune 100 companies.

Over the years, we have done Arizona productions that include corporate videos, training videos, web videos, nonprofit videos, commercials, public service announcements and a wide array of television video production including half hour television shows, infomercials and documentaries.

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Giving back to the community? Share it with the world!

If your company has made a commitment to the community and your team members are giving of their time to make a difference, take pictures of them in action! Giving back to your community is a great thing and you should share that on your website, a blog post or in a quick video that you can show to your existing and potential clients.

Baerclaw Productions
Baerclaw Productions

Here’s something else to think about, T-shirts with your company name on them is a great way during the event and after to let everyone know that you and your team are on the front lines of making a difference in your community. One of the first projects that we did at Baerclaw Productions not long after we opened our doors in 1997 was for a company that gave their employees up to 40 hours a year of paid time off to volunteer for the charity of their choice. There are a lot of companies out there that do this and when your team members go out to make a difference, make sure they take pictures so that you can share the message with new and prospective customers. If you need help putting them together with either a voice over or music bed, give us a call at 602-789-8396 or visit our website at and let Baerclaw Productions be Your Resource For ALL Things Video! We can quickly put it together for so that you can share it with the world!

Championship golf is returning to Phoenix Country Club and everyone is talking about it!

Phoenix Country Club, the original home of the Phoenix Open, will once again be hosting the PGA Tour and championship golf and you will be able to walk the same golf course that Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer, Sam Sneed, Ben Hogan and all of the greats of the game have walked in the past by watching the Charles Schwab Cup Championship at Phoenix Country Club.

Baerclaw Productions, a premier Phoenix video production company, put together a video to share what players and dignitaries are saying about Phoenix Country Club and the return of championship golf to downtown Phoenix. Listen to Governor Doug Ducey and Mayor Greg Stanton are saying and get a peek at what’s to come by clicking here.

Since 1997, the Baerclaw Productions team has produced corporate videos, web videos, training videos, sales videos, training videos, testimonial videos, award videos, new product launch videos, television programming, infomercials, documentaries, green screen videos, nonprofit videos, commercials and PSA’s. If you have a need for video production, let us be Your Resource For ALL Things Video! Give us a call at 602-789-8396 for a free consultation or visit our website at

If you’d like to learn more about Phoenix Country Club, you can visit and if you’d like more information on the Charles Schwab Cup or want to purchase tickets, go here.

Don’t be left in the dark – use these simple tricks to shine a light and spotlight on your company!

Baerclaw Productions

Light it right to make it right! In the production business, the basic lighting set up that we use when interviewing someone inside is called three-point lighting. We’ll set up a light bank on each side of the person that we are going to interview and then hang one light over the top of them called a back light. Chances are you don’t have the same lighting equipment that we do here at Baerclaw Productions, but you can still get close enough to make your videos look good by using this simple trick. Put two lamps about three to four feet from the person that you want to interview about half way between you and them. Take the lamp shades off and put a 60-watt bulb in one and a 40-watt bulb in the other. Then use one of the overhead lights in your office and put a chair just in front of that and have the person that you want to interview sit down in the chair. What you will end up with is one side of their face will be slightly brighter than the other side and there will be a little light on the top of their head and light on their shoulders. Hit record and you’re all set to go! There are also some other things that you should think about before doing an interview including windows and the blinds in the office. If you’d like to know our suggestions about those or have questions and need help getting started, call us at Baerclaw Productions and let us share our knowledge with you and prove that we are YOUR Resource For ALL Things Video!