The Wilson Coalition – still making a difference and still going strong!

Wilson Coalition, a Phoenix, Arizona nonprofit organizations

As part of Baerclaw Productions 20th Anniversary Celebration, we are re-releasing some of the early videos that we produced and sharing a few of our memories from those videos.

Not long after opening our doors in 1997, we were approached by Bank of America to produce a video for the Wilson Coalition, a Phoenix nonprofit organization that they supported on many levels.

This was a wonderful project to work on and it was an honor to sit down and interview a wide array of folks who were involved with the Coalition. In all, we talked with almost 30 stakeholders ranging from employees of Wilson Elementary School District, city of Phoenix officials, government officials and a wide array of community volunteers who donated time, money and expertise to the Coalition as they made a much-needed difference in the community.

The Wilson Coalition is still making a difference and still going strong! Their mission is quite simple – The purpose of the Coalition is to identify the needs of the neighborhood and to identify resources that can be employed to improve this neighborhood.

If you’d like more information on the Coalition and the Wilson School District, please visit their website at by clicking here.

You can watch the video by clicking on this link –

One other memory that we have from that nonprofit video production, our contact at Bank of America explained to us that, while they had a Phoenix video production company that they worked with, they had so much work and their current vendor couldn’t handle this project because of all of the other work that they were doing for the bank. He wondered when that was going to happen to us. I challenged him to try us and explained that we would never be in that situation and I can honestly say that after 20 years, it’s never been a problem even when we were working on weekly half hour television programs on top of everything else that we were doing.

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