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Since 1997, Baerclaw Productions, a Phoenix video production company, has been producing award winning videos and a large portion of our business revolves around producing Phoenix corporate videos for businesses of all sizes.

While this is a broad category that can include promotional videos, sales videos, customer testimonials, training videos, web videos, new product launch videos, new employee recruitment videos and employee testing videos, the foundation of all great videos starts with what we do best.

Creating memorable videos really requires two things – great equipment and even better creative writing and editing to bring your story to life… and you won’t find anyone better in either category than Baerclaw Productions.

Let us show you some of the Arizona productions that we have been of a part of for our corporate partners over the years.


LAW FIRM VIDEOSThis corporate video was created for a small law firm here in Phoenix, Arizona. While their practice had been open for quite some time, they were launching a new division to handle personal injury cases and wanted to explain not only the history of the firm, but also explain how their new partners had PI experience and could be trusted to fight for their clients. For this project, we utilized multiple dolly shots to to add visual pop to the finished video.


CORPORATE MEETING HAPPY FACE VIDEOS FROM CONFERENCESPhoenix, Arizona is a very popular destination for regional and national sales meetings. These multiple day events cover a lot of ground through a combination of meetings, sightseeing events and after hour parties. Baerclaw Productions has been a trusted partner for many large and small corporations over the years for these conferences and Baerclaw Productions has been tasked with creating what’s called a ‘Happy Face’ video that is shown on the final night of the conference. For these videos, we literally follow the attendees to every official and unofficial event gathering video, man on the street interactions and reality type TV video capturing the fun, frivolity and hard work that is completed during the multi day event. The video that we gather is constantly being loaded into one of our state of the art video editing systems, either on location or at the Baerclaw Productions office and continuously edited and refined to create a short, powerful video that captures the entire conference, the participants and all of the activities scheduled into a short music video that is shown at the end of the conference.

Baerclaw Productions has also been hired to create preview videos that are shown in advance of a regional or national conference to be held in the Valley of Sun. For these videos, we draw upon our extensive library of video that showcases all that the Valley has to offer. We also include video and information on the event’s host resort. These videos are shown at the culmination of a previous event held elsewhere to start to build the excitement of the upcoming event to be held in Phoenix.


FINANCIAL INDUSTRY VIDEOSThese videos were part of a multi-day shoot to interview financial planners from around the country who were brought here to Arizona to share their knowledge and experiences in the financial planning industry. The responses that we received we edited down and then put into a presentation that was used for a traveling road show that went to all of their offices around the country. For these specific videos, we opted for what we call a ‘limbo’ set up where the interviewees were placed in front of a black background to provide continuity over multiple days. This is a video production technique similar to a green screen video, without the time and expense of set-up, that allows us to move the interviewees around into various location on the screen if we need to put different interviewees or responses back to back to cover a single topic or to bring in graphics, logo’s or power point slides into a video.


POOL CONSTRUCTION VIDEOSFor this video, we partnered with a local advertising agency to create a series of corporate videos showcasing the offerings of one of the Valley’s largest pool builders. This was a multi-day, multi-location shoot that included professional talent and many high tech video production tools including a jib and Steadicam. The goal was to create a promotional video that gave potential pool buyers the opportunity to see the benefits of working with an industry leader to create a true backyard oasis.

There are a lot of video production companies in Arizona that you can hire, but these are just a few examples of how the Baerclaw Productions team utilizes its’ more than 100 combined years of video production experience to deliver your message in a creative and visually stimulating way…. trust us when we say that there isn’t a video project that we haven’t seen or can’t handle.


We pointed out some of the advanced video production tools that we used to create these corporate videos and while Baerclaw Productions is certainly not the only Phoenix video production company who has made the substantial investment in broadcast quality high definition video production equipment, the knowledge and experience to know how best to use that equipment is where Baerclaw Productions excels.

Let’s talk a little bit about some of that high tech equipment that Baerclaw Productions utilizes and how using them can create really powerful videos.


Using drones to gather video is an amazing video production tool and if it makes sense with what you do, the resulting video created by a professional can really make your video pop.


A Steadicam can create amazing video that allows the viewer to talk a walking tour of your business or show off your product in a way that eliminates the bouncing video that a hand held video camera can shoot.


A dolly track can create very similar video to a Steadicam shot, at a much smaller price, while still creates amazing video that brings a scene to life.

Now you may be thinking, I don’t really need all of these high tech video production tools and while that may be the case, whether you need something advanced or something simple and straight forward, having a partner like Baerclaw Productions who understands how to use all of the tools that exist in the video production industry is critical.


Anyone can read a line, but can you deliver a message? When producing a corporate video, it’s critical to the success of your video and Baerclaw Productions will make sure that when we are done, your message comes through loud and clear!

If you are going to include interviews in your video, there’s another major factor that people often forget. For trained media professionals, like our owner who’s broadcasting career started in 1984, speaking on camera is second nature and delivering a money line in a natural way is second hand. That’s not always the case for people who aren’t professionals. There are a lot of moving parts to a video production, especially on location. There are lights, cameras, microphones, make up people and camera assistants moving around and that can create challenges for someone who may already be nervous about being on camera. Since 1997 when we opened our doors here in Phoenix, our broadcast professionals have been using their experience to help people feel comfortable, focus on the message and share their knowledge and experience in a way that is real, comfortable and on point.

If you want to produce an amazing corporate video by working with the best video productions professionals in the Phoenix Metropolitan area including Scottsdale, Peoria, Tempe, Glendale and Chandler, the team at Baerclaw Productions is who you should partner with.

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