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With more than 100 years of combined video production experience, our team has the experience and knowledge to bring your vision to life! From concept and creative all the way through to post production, Baerclaw Productions, a Phoenix production company, is a trusted and highly qualified partner to share your message with the world!

While we create all sorts of videos, there are times when it’s just not possible to go out and actually shoot video of what we need to tell your story or it’s just not cost effective. That’s why we offer animation and green screen services for our Arizona productions.


Let’s start with animation. This is simply an advanced version of the stick figures that we all used to make as kids. Do you remember back in your school days when you would draw a stick figure on each page of a book and them flip through the pages really quickly to see your drawing move?

animation basic

That’s basically what we do when we create an animation for one of our clients, we just do it with more precision and detail. An animation is nothing more than a series of images that create movement and show something that it isn’t possible to see with the naked eye or through the lens of one of our high definition cameras.

Let me give you a couple of animation examples of what we’ve done since Baerclaw Productions, a Phoenix video production company, opened our doors in 1997.


PlRc0260High tech products are a perfect example of how animation created by Baerclaw Productions can show your prospective clients exactly what your product does. Your solution can be very simple and straightforward or extremely involved, but with high tech products, the challenge is that what happens inside of your product can’t be seen by the naked eye. This is one image of hundreds that we created to show the internal workings of a VHS player that would copy any video to a DVD. It’s a simple, and dated, concept to understand but not so easy to show. Our client on this project wanted us to show people what was going on in addition to explaining to them what their product did. For this project, we were actually given one of the units along with the technical drawings and our team set out to build a model and then start creating the individual images to show the process from beginning to end.


medicalanimationVideos that explain medical procedures are an area where animation can really show what is happening in the body. Baerclaw Productions had a client who needed us to show how their new treatment for vertigo actually manipulated the blockage in the ear that was causing the vertigo symptoms. For this project, we actually combined video with animation to explain this new treatment option. We combined the video of how a patient’s head was being manipulated and then added in the animation to show what was going on in the ear canal and how the blockage was being alleviated. To create this animation, we talked with our client and researched the inner workings of the ear. We had to create a model of the ear, make it 3D and then create the images to show a blockage, what happens during the treatment and then as a result, how that blockage is cleared thus eliminating the vertigo.


product launch animationNew product launch animation videos are another area where animation can be very helpful especially when the new product is a high tech solution to a problem. In this example, we had a client who needed an animation for their new product launch of a UV sterilizer. All that our client had were technical drawings and were waiting for the actual product to be delivered but needed their animation ASAP. To create this animation video, we used the technical drawings, built the model and then created movement for everything from a tumbler lock on the front that spun, the top opening up to show the inside of the device which then lit up to show the sterilization in process. The top then closed and the tumblers spun again. The really cool thing about animation is that anything and everything can be represented and shown no matter how small or complex.


Just like animation videos, green screen videos allow us to tell a story cost effectively and while a very complex video production solution, in the right hands, it’s a straight forward process that provides an amazing video.

The advantage of creating a green screen video is that you can be in one location and talk about what is going on around town, the country or even the world. Because we are using the advanced green screen technology, we can have a person speaking on camera and show images or video of anything, from anywhere without having to send a crew to gather each and every element which greatly reduces the cost of the project.

Another benefit of using green screen technology is that we can move the speaker around where ever we need them on the screen. Front and center is the norm, but if you want to add graphics or a logo, we can move the speaker around and place them where we need them to make room for any of the other production elements that we need to include.

Green screen 2This is a freeze frame that a video that we produced in house to explain the process and shows some examples of what’s possible. We have a green screen set up in our studio and for this demo video, we show you how easy it is for Baerclaw Productions to change out backgrounds whether you want solid colors or an animated background, add a logo and other graphics.

You can look at the entire video by clicking on this link,

green screen atmiFor this project, we had one of our client’s executives come into a studio and gave a presentation like he was in front of an audience and at various locations we added in graphics and pictures to reinforce the message that he was giving. This green screen video was then presented to employees around the country and as a result, saved the executive team the time and expense of traveling to each office and delivering the same message over and over again.

Animation videos and green screen videos are highly technical in nature but when you work with the Baerclaw Productions, a Phoenix video production company, the advanced nature of these videos becomes simple and limited only by your imagination.

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