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Every new product that comes to the marketplace has a story behind it and since we opened our doors in 1997, Baerclaw Productions, a Phoenix video production company, has been a trusted video production partner for companies needing to produce new product launch videos to explain what their product does, how it works, how it solves problems and how it can make people’s lives better.

The new product launch videos that Baerclaw Productions produces can be used for a variety of purposes including broadcast television, social media, websites, online stores and for direct marketing purposes. Each of those require the finished new product launch video to be in different lengths and formats. The Baerclaw Productions team understands this and can help you create a video to launch your new product in a way that makes the best and biggest impression.

Whether you are going to use your new product launch video to show to the end user, someone in your supply chain, your sales team or just the general public to let them know that your product is on the market, let the Baerclaw Productions team draw upon their 100 plus years of combined video production experience to tell your story and sell your product!

Here are a few examples of the Arizona productions that Baerclaw Productions has produced to support new product launches over the years.


DENTAL INDUSTRY NEW PRODUCT LAUNCH VIDEOSGoing to the dentist isn’t very high on most people’s list of things that they really enjoy, especially if your visit is going to require any kind of extensive dental procedure. As it turns out, it can also be tough on the dental staff as the devices that have been used in the past where not very efficient when it comes to effectively delivering the gas needed to calm or sedate a patient.

Baerclaw Productions, a Phoenix production company, was hired by a local dentist who had designed and was getting ready to launch a new product that totally changed the landscape in the dental industry. The device was not only more effective for the patient, but also the dental staff, because of the comfort for the patient and the tight seal that was created which virtually eliminated gas from escaping around the edges of the mask.

The new product had been extensively tested and the findings had been verified, but showing them on a new product launch video was a bit of a challenge. By utilizing an extremely high tech camera utilizing infrared technology and matching that up with the high definition video that the Baerclaw Productions team shot with a second camera, we were able to match up the movements of the patient and show how efficient and safe the new product was for everyone in the office.

The Baerclaw Productions team also created a video with the dentist to explain the what, why and how the new product worked along with a video that showed how to pick the appropriate mask, how to connect it to the gas line and how to put it on the patient.

Providing a complete start to finish solution for our client is what Baerclaw Productions is known for and why Baerclaw Productions is a trusted partner for creating your new product launch videos.


TELEVISION SHOPPING NETWORK NEW PRODUCT LAUNCH VIDEOSWith extensive experience working with the television shopping networks, the Baerclaw Productions team was approached by a manufacturer out of Ohio who was coming out with a new two-way radio system that not only greatly increased the distance that the two-way radios would work, but that they were also waterproof.

Our client needed a number of different scenarios to be videotaped to show the multiple uses for their new two-way radio. Most of them were very simple and straight forward until they included a scenario where they needed an actor to be out for a run in the rain. That’s no big deal except for the fact that it doesn’t rain very much in Phoenix, Arizona. That’s where the experience and the creativity of Baerclaw Productions, a Phoenix video production company, came through. By finding a suitable location, shooting at dusk and using multiple hoses with sprayers on them, the Baerclaw Productions team was able to create a scene where it looked like it was overcast and raining. The client was amazed and the product sold out during their time on the shopping network.


UV STERILIZATION NEW PRODUCTION LAUNCH VIDEOWe all know that there are germs everywhere, but cleaning household products that we all use every single day can be a challenge … until now.

Baerclaw Productions was hired by a local company that was coming to market with a new product that uses ultraviolet light to sterilize a wide range of products including your cell phone, car keys and toothbrushes, just to name a few. Our client needed a number of animation videos to launch their new product at a trade show but they had yet to receive the finished product from the manufacturer overseas. The Baerclaw Productions team used the technical drawings and created an animated new product launch video to show how the product worked and what it looks like including opening and closing the top and simulating the ultraviolet light turning on so that the sterilization could occur. These new product launch videos were formatted to be played on a cell phone and an HD monitor at a trade show.


FITNESS RELATED NEW PRODUCT LAUNCH VIDEOSJumping rope is normally thought of as a kids’ game but it can also be a big part of an exercise plan for people interested in being active and including a cardio component to their workouts.

The Baerclaw Productions team partnered with a local company that had taken a basic jump rope and made some modifications to it to increase the benefit that you can get from jumping rope by putting multiple weights in each handle so that there was a big boost to the cardio component and resistance that the user got from their workouts. In addition, the user could add or remove weights from the handle to create workouts at different levels and intensity.

In order to better show the product and explain the benefits of using their new product on their website and online shopping stores, they trusted Baerclaw Productions to produce a series of videos that showed the jump rope in use, explain the benefit of adding or removing the weights to vary the intensity of the work out and how simple it was to add or remove the weights from each handle.

By showing and explaining how they had taken a simple jump rope and turned it into a viable part of anyone’s workout, their online sales went through the roof.


MEDIA INDUSTRY NEW PRODUCT LAUNCH VIDEOSMost of us are old enough to remember VCR’s and VHS tapes. If you aren’t, Google it to see how your parents used to watch movies. While VCR’s are no longer being made, there are still plenty of VHS tapes around, some with images of childhood memories that need to be saved for future viewing.

The Baerclaw Productions team was hired by a local manufacturer that came up with a product years ago that created a way to put your VHS tape into their new product and copy it directly onto a DVD that will last forever.

The challenge was figuring out how to show this to potential customers. Their solution – partner with Baerclaw Productions to produce a series of new product launch videos that combined animation and video to show not only the machine and how it worked, but what was happening inside the machine that allowed the user to transfer their memories to DVD.

This required advanced animation that not only showed the VHS tape moving but a representation of how the video was being burned onto a DVD.

Once the Baerclaw Productions team got involved, the process was simple for our client and the resulting videos were exactly what they were looking. The new product launch videos and their product were a huge success!

These are just a few examples of the new product launch videos that the Baerclaw Productions team has produced since opening our doors in 1997 and all of them have one thing in common – there is a story behind every new product that comes to market that needs to be shared with the world!

Why not take advantage of the 100 plus years of video production experience that the Baerclaw Productions team has when it comes times to create your new product launch video?

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