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One of the biggest challenges for any size organization is training their staff and this can include a number of different variations. Baerclaw Productions, a Phoenix production company, has worked with countless companies that see the benefit in creating training videos for a number of reasons.

The first and most logical is cost – creating a training video saves money. Once a training video is created, it can be shown to existing employees to make sure that they are following standard operating procedures. It can be shown to new hires so that they get up to speed as quickly as possible and it can be shown to potential employees to let them know what will be expected of them once they start at your company.

The cost savings comes from freeing your staff, whatever level they may be at, to manage and supervise versus having to train your staff on a one on one basis – doesn’t it make more sense to leave the individual time to answering questions and making sure that each step is being done exactly as you want it to be done?

Training videos can be as involved as needed. Since 1997, Baerclaw Productions has been producing training videos for companies all over Phoenix to cover an extremely wide area of topics. These videos can run from less than one minute to up to half an hour. These videos are different from the other types of videos that Baerclaw Productions produces because time is not as critical here because training videos are a teaching tool. We have produced videos that are as short as one minute to as long as 30 minutes, the length of the video really depends on how much information that you want to share and making sure that we cover everything that you need your employees to know.

Here is a sampling of the training videos that Baerclaw Productions has produced over the years.


MEDICAL INDUSTRY TRAINING VIDEOSThis is by far one of the more unique training videos that we have created. Our partner was in the hospital group and they needed to make sure that their staff was prepared for the regular on site testing that they have to go through to keep their accreditation. The content of the video covers terms and information that their employees need to know on a daily basis but our challenge was how to share that information in a fun and creative way to ensure that while the content was mundane, it was delivered in a unique video that would capture and retain the employees’ attention.

The Baerclaw Productions solution was to create a game show that covered the information that any employee could be asked as a part of the accreditation process. We used one of the doctors as the game show host and three of the nurses as competitors. Categories were set up and as the contestants picked a category and a dollar amount, the host would then read a question or show a video questions that came forward from the game board. This involved creating a set where the game show could be shot and then digitally creating a game board, their names, updating scores and adding sound effects for when the contestants buzzed in.

This was all done with a single camera meaning that we had to shoot the entire video in segments, paying close attention to continuity and making sure that all of the elements were taped so that when the Baerclaw Productions editors pieced the entire video together, all of the content was covered.

This video was a huge success internally and led the organization maintaining their accreditation.


CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY TRAINING VIDEOSConstruction sites are locations where there are a lot of trades coming and going and from the beginning of any project to the finishing touches being completed, there are countless people at a construction site.

For this Phoenix video production, we were tasked with creating a video, in English and Spanish, that dealt with air pollution and the control of dust coming from a job site. Sharing this information was critical to our client for a number of reasons. We all want to breath fresh air and they wanted to be good neighbors and stewards of the land, both the area that they were working on and the surrounding areas, doing all they could to limit air pollution. But that wasn’t only reason for creating this training video, if they did not follow the rules, they ran the risk of being fined for not controlling the dust and thus adversely affecting the air quality in the area.

This project was a multi-day project because we had to show the process from beginning to end. We not only had to show the many steps that are needed to truly control the dust from beginning to end, we also had to train everyone on the site about the rules and regulations that covered their work, how to set up a track in/track out area and making sure that they were in compliance with local regulations.


TRAINING VIDEOS FOR NEW AND EXISTING EMPLOYEESTraining videos in the medical industry are a very popular way to train new and existing employees. These can also be used to show patients what to expect when they come into your office. For this video, Baerclaw Productions was hired by a local medical group to create a series of open captioned videos, five in all, to train their medical assistants to ensure that each and every one of them were using the exact same procedures when greeting, meeting and testing patients coming into their offices and clinics. With a growing number of clinics around Phoenix and the state, it was critical to our client that no matter where they were interacting with a patient, the end result was a standardized experience and testing. In addition to the medical assistants, these videos were shared with the doctors that worked both in their main office and the various clinics to provide continuity to referrals and/or advanced testing.

While these videos covered a wide range of topics and material, all of the videos were shot in a single half day utilizing two high definition cameras.

These videos are currently being shown on the clients’ intranet and available to any and all employees who come in contact with patients. It is also being shown to new hires to ensure that they understand what is expected of them and how they should interact with the patients.


WORKPLACE SAFETY TRAINING VIDEOSStaying safe in the workplace should be something that we all focus on but especially with mundane, everyday tasks, we don’t think about what we are doing. That was the exact reason why Baerclaw Productions was hired to produce a series of open captioned videos in English and Spanish for a state agency. These Arizona productions covered a wide range of topics from using a fire extinguisher, working outside in the heat, maintaining a dry and clutter free workspace and where to store supplies so that they are accessible to one and all. The videos were short, ranging from 45 seconds to roughly two minutes.

These videos were shot using both employees and actors to show how everyday tasks can be potentially dangerous and how easy it is to do them the correct and safe way.


TRAINING VIDEOS THAT BENEFIT THE DEAF AND HARD OF HEARING POPULATIONTraining videos can also be utilized to showcase have advances in technology can be used to help those among us who are physically disabled. Baerclaw Productions was hired to create a series of videos that demonstrate how a wide array of products are available to assist a growing segment of the population who are deaf or hard of hearing. These open captioned training videos included on camera interpreter to ensure that the deaf and hearing impaired community could fully understand how to use a teletype machine that assists hearing and hearing impaired people do business, set up appointments and request information from any and all businesses.

While the technology in this area is constantly improving and evolving, the basic concepts remain the same so while these videos focused on specific equipment that is currently available, there is considerable shelf life to these videos.

While we have just scratched the surface of the kinds and types of training videos that Baerclaw Productions has produced, as you can see, there is no limit to the uses for a professionally produced training video.

If your company is in need of a training video to save your organization time and money or show your customers why your product or service is the one that they can count on, chose a Phoenix production company you can count on. While there are many production companies in Arizona, let the Baerclaw Productions team put their 100 plus years of combined video production experience to work for your organization.

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