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There is no debating the power of broadcast television if you want to educate, inform or sell a product or service. Television programming takes advantage of the opportunity to cast an incredibly wide net and at the same time, all of the content whether in its’s finished form or broken up into smaller segments, can be re-purposed for the web or your website.

If you are thinking about producing a weekly half hour television program, an infomercial or a documentary, the team at Baerclaw Productions, a Phoenix video production company, has the knowledge and experience to bring your story to life and get it ready for broadcast. This is no easy task as there are very specific rules and regulations that you must follow when producing television programming which includes closed captioning, licensing, legal, formatting and delivery. Since opening our doors in 1997, television programming has remained near and dear to our hearts as most of our team cut their teeth in broadcast news outlets and newsrooms either on camera or working behind the scenes.

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Leading the charge is our owner, Bill Baer, whose broadcasting career began in 1984 and continues to this day as a fill in sports anchor and reporter for KPHO-TV and KTVK-TV in Phoenix, Arizona.

But that’s just the beginning of what the Baerclaw Productions video production team brings to the table when it comes to producing television programming. As a group, we have more than 100 years of combined experience handling every facet of video production.

As a team, we have received countless awards for our work including Emmy’s, an Edward R. Murrow Award, Telly and AP Awards and it’s those proven, results orientated video production skills that we can bring to your television programming project.

Here is an overview of the types of Arizona productions that the Baerclaw Productions team has produced over the years:


TELEVISION PROGRAMMING FOR AUTO DEALERSHIPSCar dealerships have long been known for producing half hour infomercials, which typically air on Saturday’s and Sunday’s, that showcase some of the new and used cars that they have in inventory with amazing pricing to get people into the dealership. Baerclaw Productions, a Phoenix production company, has been fortunate enough to partner with Right Honda and Right Toyota in North Scottsdale to produce these auto industry television programs dating back to 2006. Starting from scratch, the Baerclaw Productions team has handled all facets of the video production from holding a casting call to select talent, all of the video production required, including the formatting, graphics, legal, licensing and closed captioning and according to the dealerships, it was not unusual to receive 200 plus phone calls during and after each weekend when the auto infomercials have aired on local television.


LIFESTYLE AND EDUCATION TELEVISION PROGRAMMINGMake Your Move was a weekly half hour television program that Baerclaw Productions, a Phoenix video production company, produced for a state agency to encourage children, parents and caregivers to be more active and live a healthier lifestyle.

The challenge with this content is that our client didn’t want to come across as talking down to people about how they should live their lives so we came up with a concept that shared the information that our client wanted to get out in a fun and creative way. With that in mind, we held casting calls to find just the right talent, hired comedy script writers and professional actors to act out skits and then used our experience creating television programming to write the non-comedy scripts, format each show and produce the award winning programs.


REAL ESTATE TELEVISION PROGRAMMINGPhoenix’s Best New Homes was a weekly half hour television program highlighting all of the exciting things that production homebuilders were doing in Phoenix, Arizona and the surrounding areas. The concept for this program originally started in Atlanta, Georgia and when the owners of the franchise decided to bring the concept and television program to Arizona, Baerclaw Productions was the logical choice for them to be their video production partner because of our extensive experience producing videos for home builders across the Valley.

The Baerclaw Productions team handled all phases of production starting on Monday of each week where we began taping interviews with sales representatives from all of the Valley’s major homebuilders on location in their models. These interviews continued into Tuesdays and editing began as soon as the tapes were returned to the Baerclaw Productions offices. Wednesdays and Thursdays were dedicated to gathering the video of each community to re-inforce what the sales representatives where saying and the finished product was delivered to a local television station on Friday and aired on Saturday morning. The entire process began again the following Monday.

The Baerclaw Productions team was up to the challenge of this labor intensive project that took us to all corners of the Valley including Anthem, Gilbert, the White Tank Mountains, North Scottsdale and all spots in between on a weekly basis.


MEDICAL INDUSTRY INFOMERCIALSThe Baerclaw Productions team has extensive experience when it comes to new product launch videos and for this project, we combined that experience with our television programming expertise to produce a half hour infomercial for a new medical product called Ortho-Trex which aired around the country.

The Baerclaw Productions team shot all of the interviews, testimonials and a round table discussion with the creators of Ortho-Trex and then began the process of creating both long form and short form infomercials. This included editing, graphics, music, closed captioning and meeting legal requirements.


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Not all television programming that has been produced by Baerclaw Productions revolves around selling a product or a service.

Following 9-11, a local adoption agency needed a video production company to start producing a weekly television segment for broadcast on KPNX-TV here in Phoenix, Arizona. For the next seven years, Baerclaw Productions, a Phoenix video production company, did all of the interviewing and filming of children who were waiting to be adopted. We wrote the scripts, created scratch audio, added music and edited all of the stories together and then delivered them to the local broadcasting outlet. The television station then had one of their staff reporters or anchors re-voice the segments to replace our scratch audio with their own and then the segments aired on their local newscasts.


TRAVEL DESTINATION DOCUMENTARIESDocumentaries are another form of television programming that the Baerclaw Productions team has experience with and the goal of these is to inform, educate and expose viewers to historical information and locations.

Canyon de Chelly – American History, Heritage and Tradition is a perfect example of this.

Located in the middle of the Navajo Reservation, Canyon de Chelly has been home to Native Americans since the time of Christ. This award winning documentary includes a trip into the Canyon and back in time. Viewers learned about petroglyphs and pictographs and how they help explain the history of the Canyons residents. During the one week that the Baerclaw Productions team spent in Chinle, Arizona, we filmed the magnificent views in and out of the Canyon and talked with the Navajo residents about their lives and why this place is so sacred to them. The highlight was an interview with an elderly Navajo woman who only spoke Navajo and had lived her entire life in a hogan on the Canyon floor without power or running water raising sheep and weaving rugs.

This project to showcase the beauty and historical significance of Canyon de Chelly required extensive research and script writing prior to visiting the Canyon and then continuous re-writing and editing after the Baerclaw Productions team returned to our offices in Phoenix, Arizona.


ENTREPRENEUR SHOWCASE TELEVISION PROGRAMMINGEntrepreneurs are unique people who have a vision and commit their lives to making it a reality. You Wish was a weekly half hour television program that was the vision of an entrepreneur about entrepreneurs about their stories.

Baerclaw Productions was chosen as the video production partner to bring this dream to reality. From script writing and complete production, the team handled all facets of the production needed for these weekly half hour television programs.

If your company is thinking that now is the time to produce television programming to tell your story and showcase what you do or what you sell, let the Baerclaw Productions team put their award winning video production skills and 100 plus years of combined video production experience to work for your organization.

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