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Verde Valley Caregivers Coalition, a long-time partner of Baerclaw Productions, once again invited us to Sedona for a full day video shoot as they gear up for their annual Gala celebrating their 30th Anniversary.

Baerclaw Productions van in Sedona

Verde Valley Caregivers Coalition does an amazing job helping seniors in the Verde Valley remain in the community of their choice and stay independent as long as possible.

Baerclaw Productions in home interview

Like all of the non-profits that we have worked with since we opened our doors in 1997, they have limited funds and understand that they need to spend money to raise awareness with donors and volunteers, but the more money they can keep in house means that they have more money to help their clients, or neighbors as they call them, and that’s why they work with Baerclaw Productions.

Baerclaw Productions outside interview in Sedona

We always utilize as small a crew as possible to get the best product for our clients while not sacrificing anything along the way. Our recent shoot is another example. Our two-man crew traveled to Sedona for a day of interviews and gathering broll to help tell the Verde Valley Caregivers Coalition story.

Baerclaw Productions in van interview

Our seven sit down interviews resulted an identity video that will be shown at their upcoming Gala, two shorter videos that talk about their need for volunteers and share the story of one of their donors and why he has chosen Verde Valley Caregivers Coalition as his number one non-profit to support.

Here’s a link to their 2022 Gala video.

Here’s the link to a shorter video that we created on volunteering with the Verde Valley Caregivers Coalition.

But wait there’s more… those interviews also gave us to the opportunity to create 43 shorts video comments that will be great for social media and will provide plenty of content for an ongoing drip campaign. These short clips highlight specific programs, talk about volunteering, the need and reasons to support the organization and mission of Verde Valley Caregivers Coalition.  

Baerclaw Productions Kent Ellsworth outdoor interview

To learn more about Verde Valley Caregivers Coalition and the amazing work that they do, please click here.

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